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  • ☆ GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH THIS NEW YEAR 2018 ☆ Learn About Food Groups & Make your diet & meal prep simple, easy and sustainable.
  • ☆ CALORIE COUNTS FOR YOU ☆ Six Colour Coded Portion Compartments - for each food group (Proteins, Liquid Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fruits, Fats & Oils) has pre-counted calorie amounts to help you LOSE BODY FAT, maintain weight OR gain muscle mass.
  • ☆ WOMEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE RECOMMENDED DIET GADGET FOR 2018 ☆ We are dedicated to help you reach your goals & help you and the whole family learn about food groups, best practice and eating habits. ☆ DOWNLOADABLE GUIDES With our easy to use guides, you will never worry about over or under eating: Lean in 28 Days Guide, Food Planner & Fitness Guide, Food Portions & Calorie Guide + Download Our 21 professionally designed recipes, suitable for vegan & vegetarians.
  • ☆ PREMIUM BUILD QUALITY & ALL-IN-ONE ☆ No more cleaning LOTS of mini pots and containers - Comes with a CHOPPING BOARD that doubles up as a lid when not in use to save space. It has a built In liquid catch reservoir & non-slip rubber feet.
  • ☆ QUICK TO PORTION, QUICK TO CLEAN ☆ MealKitt helps you to create 1, 2 or even 3 meals in one go ☆ TESTED TO BRITISH FOOD SAFTEY STANDARDS BY SATRA TECHNOLOGY☆ Features include: - Dishwasher friendly - Fridge freezer friendly - Highest quality FOOD SAFE Plastic - 100% Certified BPA FREE Plastic
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