MealKitt™ was developed and created by Julian a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor to initially to assist his mother to loss weigh before a gastric bypass and then eat a balanced diet after the surgery caused her to lose too much weight and become malnourished. Julian initially used three lego boxes to plan her meals when he noticed a gap in the market for a portion control kit.

  • My Mum
    LOST 150lbs

    IN 11 MONTHS*
    THEN GAINED 10lbs

The product Julian created is straightforward, convenient and suitable for both men and women, designed with the mission to improve their diet and overall health. The MealKitt accommodates different diet types by simply moving a scoop that increases or decreases portion size in each of the main food groups, depending on an individual’s diet goals. It's portion control, whatever your goal!

  • I LOST



Portion control continues to be one of the main reasons why we continue to struggle with weight management, as well as ever increasingly demanding daily routines, which often make it difficult to find the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals.

Revolutionise the way you approach your diet, manage portion control and meal preparation with MealKitt, a simple new kitchen gadget, designed specifically to help individuals reach their weight management goals, the easy way.

Inspired by early methods of portion control and based on NHS calorie guidelines, MealKitt offers an effective, effortless way of approaching weight management, whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain weight. By cutting out the need to obsessively calorie count and weigh food, MealKitt can save you copious amounts of time when it comes to planning and prepping for your new healthy lifestyle.

This innovative kitchen essential is divided into six compartments, designated for each of the main food groups, including proteins, liquid proteins, fats, carbohydrates, oils, dried grains, pulses and oats, helping you to differentiate between food groups, control portion sizes and daily calorie intake, whilst ensuring a balanced diet.

Each section features guided markers representing a different dietary goal, reflecting the associated daily recommended calorie guidelines for both men and women, whether they are looking to lose, gain or maintain weight. These simple markings also allow you to measure and visualise the amount of food required per dietary group on a daily basis and highlight how much you should be consuming for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Individuals are further supported on their weight management journey, with a wide selection of nutritious and delicious meal plans and recipes to use alongside their MealKitt, designed by leading nutritionist Jackie Lynch, as well as a comprehensive food guide, helping them to make educated food choices and gain a better understanding of the different food groups and nutritional values.

As exercise also plays an important role in weight management and healthy living.
Thats why we created 28 DAY LEAN a full nutrition and training program to help you reach your goal faster. MealKitt also has an extensive library of short exercise videos on their dedicated YouTube channel, which are accessible and suitable for all, regardless of their fitness levels and goals.


In May 2016 we launched Mealkitt on Kickstarter a Crowdfunding platform.

We pre-sold £20,000 worth of product worldwide in just 35 days!
We were blown away by the response.

We have now started manufacturing on a large scale, created a wonderful team of enthusiasts and are in the process of growing our company to help support as many people as we can with their diets, fitness, health, lifestyle and businesses.


“Mealkitt was designed to help people make changes to their lives, by implementing simple and sustainable measures that will make a real difference to their body and lifestyle. Our aim is to help as many people as possible to find their way out of the maze of conflicting information about nutrition. Our product is simple yet effective, and has already helped many people to reach their goals.”

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